Sorry Homeland, But Sesame Street’s Homelamb Parody Makes More Sense Than This Season

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Homelamb sesame street homeland parody

Even though Homeland transformed into Moment of Truth: The Dana Brody Story this season, I'm still watching it. You know, just in case it gets good again. Sure, sure, last week's twist solved a lot of season three's early problems, but it still has a lot of making up to do for what we've had to sit through so far. My Sunday night TV viewing hours are precious and shows really have to work hard to earn my attention. After all, my DVR can only do much work. In fact, if we can get honest for a second, it's about one more bad episode away from being taken off the schedule altogether. Sorry not sorry that I can't stand Dana's neverending drama.

Luckily for Homeland fans who are also struggling this season, there's hope on the horizon — a brand new show called Homelamb. It's like Homeland, if Homeland made sense and you didn't have to constantly rewind. Also if Homeland starred puppets. Even though I've only seen a few minutes of it, I'm already a fan. Especially of the puppet who plays Carrie — fantastic quivering chin work!

Just like Homeland, there are a lot of twists and turns involved in Homelamb. So I won't spoil them for you by telling you what happens. I'll just say that there's a classic idiom in there that you'll really appreciate. Assuming, of course, that you're into idioms in your viral videos. If not, ignore me and focus on the action-packed episode.

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