The Biggest Stars in Home Alone: Where Are They Now?

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Ah, Home Alone. This is a classic childhood fave — because who doesn't want to watch a neglected eight year old cunningly take down two full grown men who are trying to burglarize his family's home during the holiday season? Not only did it quell our fears that yes, we could certainly take on a robber if he broke into our house at night, but also the film made us appreciate our somewhat scatterbrained parents — the ones who maybe missed one of our soccer games every now and again but never ever left on vacation without remembering to check the backseat to make sure we were buckled in. And if our parents did accidentally leave us somewhere, it was within minutes that they realized their error… not while they had already woven through a packed airport and boarded a flipping plane.

The dysfunctional McCallister family made us feel like our families really weren't that bad and even though Home Alone is technically a Christmas movie — we found ourselves watching it at all times of the year when we (or our parents) found ourselves needing a little reality check. Can you believe it has already been 27 years since the film debuted in November 1990? While it's been fairly easy to keep up with Macauley Culkin, his career and his ~personal life~ throughout the years — it's pretty amazing to see how far these stars have come. From going on to become two-time Olympians, getting guest spots on some of our favorite TV shows and dating some A-list celebs, the 16 biggest actors and actresses in the movie have come a long way.