You Can Celebrate Home Alone’s 25th Anniversary By Eating The Same Pizza As Kevin

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You Can Celebrate Home Alone s 25th Anniversary by Eating the Same Pizza as Kevin Home Alone cheese pizza gif

Home Alone‘s 25th anniversary is this month. It happens to fall very close to my own 25th anniversary — of being born, that is. I’m sure I should be having an existential crisis about that right now, but I think I’ll save it for later. Anyway, back to Home Alone. There are a few ways you can celebrate this movie having existed for a quarter of a century. One is by watching it at home. (I’m sure you have it on VHS. Don’t lie.) Another is by attending one of the screenings being held in movie theaters this Sunday and Wednesday.

But if you’re looking for a new way to celebrate that doesn’t just involve watching the movie for the millionth time, how does eating a real Little Nero’s pizza sound to you? You may remember that Little Nero’s is the fictional pizzeria from which Kevin McCallister orders “a lovely cheese pizza just for me.” 20th Century Fox and UberEATS have teamed up for a special Little Nero’s offer available only today.

If you live in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or San Francisco, you can order a pizza through the UberEATS app and have it delivered to your door in a Little Nero’s box, by a delivery person wearing a Little Nero’s hat and driving a car with the Little Nero’s sign. The pizza will actually be from local pizza restaurants, and the delivery will come with a digital HD code for the movie.

While I think this is a really clever idea and wish I lived in a city where the deal is available, part of me is also worried that pranksters will use this as an opportunity to channel their inner Kevin. By that I mean pretending to shoot the delivery guy with a machine gun. At the very least, I’m sure a lot of people will think they’re really original by telling the driver to “keep the change, ya filthy animal.”

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