Meet Holy Esque:The Hottest New Band From Across The Pond

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The US has a long history of importing things from the UK (insert British colony joke here). But seriously, so many of our favorite TV shows, fashions, and especially bands have come from the British Isles. The Office, anyone? Um, the Beatles?

And it looks like there’s another Atlantic crossover in our futures – Glasgow’s new indie rock band, Holy Esque. The band has a self-titled EP out now, and they’re already gaining the attention of critics and fans in their native Scotland, as well as in the States. The four-piece says that they’re looking to shake up what they see as a static music scene in Scotland. We here at Crushable are no experts in Scottish rock, but from what we hear, Holy Esque is well on their way to accomplishing their goal. Their energetic, layered vibe and singer Pat Hynes’ gritty vocals sound to us like they’re ready to take on American venues, too.

We had the chance to ask Pat a few questions via email. Check out our interview and tell us what you think!

Crushable: Tell us a little bit about yourselves. How did you meet? How did you get started as a band?

Pat Hynes: Me and Keir founded Holy Esque a little over a year ago. Hugo worked with me in a bar at the time and had mentioned that he played. I asked him to come and rehearse with us and Keir did the same with Ralph, who he knew from attending the Art School. It all came together quite naturally.

What's the music scene like in Scotland?

There's certainly a lot of talent but there's also a major lack of originality. A lot of acts come and go, recycling one another's sound, sharing the same old ideas. Scottish music needs something new.

How do you approach creating a new song?

One of the band will come forward with an idea and we go with it from there. To put it simply we all write our own parts.

Who are a few of your biggest musical influences?

The likes of Jim Reid,  Ian Curtis and Peter Hayes.

What would you say has been your “biggest break” so far as a band?

I'm not sure if we've had one but supporting WU LYF  in Glasgow was definitely a privilege.

Since we haven't had a chance to see you live over here in the US, tell us – what are your live shows like?

If you can imagine being drowned in sound then you might be close but you'll have to wait and decide for yourself.

What has been your best show experience as a band?

Playing at Tallinn Music Week in Estonia was a definite highlight of our past shows. A full capacity crowd in Eastern Europe was something we didn't anticipate.

You have an EP out now. If you had to pick one, what would be your favorite song on the EP?

“Ladybird Love,” there's a driving force in that song that really propels you into the EP.

Any plans to tour in the US?

Hopefully one day soon. We won't let it pass us by anyway, that’s for sure.

For more on Holy Esque, check out their Facebook page.