Hollywood Whitewashing: 18 White Actors Who Played People of Color

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Whitewashing has been an insidious part of Hollywood culture for decades. Filmmakers and studios have often cast white actors in non-white roles with various excuses for doing so. They’ve claimed that it was more convenient for them to go with a white star, that casting an actor of color would make the film less profitable, or that they were simply trying to be ‘raceblind.’ Yeah… That last excuse doesn’t count if you only cast white people, guys!
Whatever their excuses, whitewashing deprives people of color of acting roles that they deserve. While racism in film has decreased slightly over recent years as awareness has risen, it’s still a HUGE problem, and even modern films are still appallingly bad at avoiding whitewashing.

The practice is so common that often, you can watch a film without realizing that whitewashing is present. Well, that’s where we come in! We’ve put together some pretty bad examples of whitewashing, ranging from classic films of the 1960s to movies released this very year. Yes, 2017 — and it's still happening! Some examples are surprising, while others are blindingly obvious. However, they’re all pretty darn terrible.