What Happened To The Kids From Our Favorite Holiday Movies?

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Jack Frost

It's finally Christmas! If you're anything like me you're spending an unhealthy amount of time parked in front of the TV watching your favorite holiday movies. Unwrapping presents took a lot out of you and now it's time to be the laziest you can be (second only to Thanksgiving.)

You're also probably wondering “where's my gift?” Well I hope you're ready because this year my gift to you is an update on what happened to the kids from our favorite Christmas movies. You can't find this shit on Etsy or Pinterest, so you're welcome.

Peter Billingsley (A Christmas Story)

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I don’t know about you, but growing up Ralphie Parker (played by Peter Billingsley) was my favorite kid ever. He was rebellious. A badass in a bunny suit. An avid drinker of Ovaltine. It really doesn't get much better than that. I spend a disgusting amount of time during the holidays dedicated to watching A Christmas Story  (it usually plays for 24 hours straight starting on Christmas eve) and wishing I could be his friend.

Peter Billingsley

After shooting his eye out as Ralphie, Peter Billingsley continued to act but unfortunately never found quite the same success—although he did star in another holiday favorite Elf (uncredited) The Break Up with Jennifer Aniston, and Couples Retreat. However, In 2010 Peter signed on to help produce A Christmas Story: The Musical which premiered last month to great reviews. He’s also kind of a stud. Good for you, Peter!


Joseph Cross (Jack Frost)

Jack Frost Gif


For those of you that don’t remember, Jack Frost is a heartwarming tale about Charlie—a young boy whose dad (played by Michael Keaton) was killed in a car accident only to return as a snowman the following Christmas. Totally realistic! Except I can’t even lie, this movie still makes me tear up. Also, this is not to be mistaken with the 1996 horror film of the same name. Don’t watch that movie unless you want to be traumatized by a murderous snowman.

Joseph Cross

One of the more successful actor on this list, Joseph continued to star in popular films such as the critically acclaimed Milk with Sean Penn, as well as Running With Scissors. Joseph has a new movie coming out in 2013 titled Last Weekend.

Bonus: Taylor Handley also starred in Jack Frost as the snowball-wielding bully who eventually befriends Joseph’s character Charlie. Taylor now stars in the hit CBS show Vegas.

Taylor Handley

Double Bonus: Last Resort breakout star Will Rothhaar also starred in Jack Frost! This movie was packed with goodies, huh?

Will Rothhaar


Jonathan Taylor Thomas (I'll Be Home For Christmas)



In I’ll Be Home For Christmas Jonathan Taylor Thomas plays Jake Wilkinson, a teen trying desperately to get home for Christmas (and his girlfriend Jessica Biel) after being left stranded in the desert dressed as Santa.


(Chris McPherson/EW)

Since his acting days, JTT has been playing it low. Like really low. After conducting a hardcore investigation I finally uncovered what he’s been up to: attending Harvard, studying abroad in Scotland, and graduating from Columbia. He’s attractive, worldly and smart! I’m so glad Jonathan didn’t go down the road so many teen actors go.

Oh Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Will I ever stop thinking about you? Doubtful.


Eric Lloyd (The Santa Clause)

Eric Lloyd Gif


The adorable Eric Lloyd  played Tim Allen's son in The Santa Clause. I developed an instant crush on his character Charlie Calvin despite the fact that he was rockin' the bowl cut and the ever fashionable style multi-colored windbreaker. Okay maybe those are the reasons why I was crushing on him. What about it? Anyway…you might also remember Eric from that other classic Dunston Checks In about a young boy who becomes BFFs with an orangutan while staying in a luxury hotel. God bless the '90s.

Eric Lloyd

Eric has since starred in every film in the The Santa Clause franchise (unfortunately there have been three) and is credited on IMDB  for an upcoming comedy mini-series titled True Perfection. Similar to Peter, Eric grew up to be kinda foxy.


Thomas Sangster (Love Actually)

Thomas Sangster(Via)

Thomas Sangster is the best part about Love Actually. Challenge me, I dare you. Just in case you don't remember, Thomas Sangster played Liam Neeson‘s stepson Sam—a little boy absolutely enchanted by his classmate Joanna. In addition to being adorably British  he might also be the wisest 10 year old ever in existence.

Thomas Sangster

Despite still looking about as old as he did in 2002, Thomas Sangster is all grown up now and 22 years old! 22!! That just doesn't seem right but the internet doesn't lie. He's also had what appears to be a very sucessful career, starring in numerous movies and TV shows. In 2013 he will debut as the character of Jojen Reed in Game Of Thrones' third season. Awesome.


Taylor Momsen (The Grinch)

Cindy Lou Who Gif(Via)

Once upon a time Taylor Momsen played the adorable Cindy Lou Who in the feature film adaptation of The Grinch. Those were the good ol' days…and they didn't last long.

Taylor Momsen is seen leaving the House Of Blues after performing with her band The Pretty Reckless in West Hollywood

Since then Taylor starred on The CW’s Gossip Girl (R.I.P) and recently she’s taken on her most respected role yet: raccoon lead singer of the punk rock band The Pretty Reckless. While her makeup has seen some brighter days her music actually isn't all that bad. More than likely Taylor anticipated her eventual typecast as the cute blondie with pigtails that she had to change herself drastically. She did that by becoming an animal. Whatever floats your boat, Tay.

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