17 Things That Make Absolutely No Sense in Hocus Pocus

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Amuck! Amuck! Amuck! It goes without saying that Hocus Pocus is a true Halloween classic. Since the '90s, witchy fans have shamelessly watched the story of three child-hunting witches brought back to life by a hipster teenage virgin.  Singing “I Put A Spell On You” is a daily ritual and we're not ashamed to say we have Googled what Max currently looks like on more than one occasion. But beneath the all the magical fun the Disney film brings every year, there are a few details that still have us scratching our heads in confusion.

From how the townspeople were clueless to what was happening all Halloween night, to why Sarah's hair kept changing throughout the film, here are 17 things about Hocus Pocus that still make no sense.