Hit And Run Made Me Want A Relationship Like Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard

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Let me start off by saying, I have felt a kindred-spirity connection to Kristen Bell even since I saw her tell Ellen DeGeneres, “The first thing you have to know about me is that if I'm not between a 3 and a 7, I'm crying.” Granted, the infamous sloth freak out that proceeded was by all accounts hilarious, but it's that line that stuck out to me. Never have I heard a celebrity — a blonde one nonetheless (kidding) — so succinctly wrap up one of the major facets of my personality. So going into Hit and Run, I'm already like, Girl, I feel you, I get goosebumps at the end of High School Musical 2 and I cry anytime anything happens.

Dax Shepard, on the other hand, I've always thought of as kind of greasy and not all that attractive. (Then again, I've never seen Parenthood in which I hear he's fairly appealing.) But once I saw him in Hit and Run, I was forced to reconsider.

In fact, my initial working title for this article was “Dax Shepard Is The Sensitive Badass Of Your Dreams In Hit and Run.” You know what I mean. The guy that's a little bit grungy, kind of a shady past, rough around the edges, but he can also be sweet and sensitive. He's a professional car chase driver, but he's constantly glancing over to make sure you're alright. He's mostly a sarcastic dick, but to you, he's the most genuine guy you've ever met. He's a little dangerous, but not so dangerous that you don't feel safe. Okay, you get it. But that's the character, and I loved it. I loved him.

So you're like yeah okay Dax Shephard plays your dream guy in this movie, but it's just a character, right? Wrong. As you may or may not know, Mr. Shepard wrote and directed the film, so he created that character. Not only that but he created that character for himself, because it's based on himself. In fact — in a shocking turn of events I only realized after I saw it — the whole film is actually based on Dax and Kristen's actual relationship.

So I started watching interviews. In the movie, Kristen's character finds out Dax's character was in Witness Protection because he used to drive a getaway car in bank robberies, and freaks out. In real life, Kristen found out some shady stuff about Dax's past, and freaked out. In the movie, movie Kristen and movie Dax have that banter you think only exists in movies but still aspire to have with your boyfriend in real life. In real life, they actually have that kind of banter. (Okay so in this case real life is a nationally televised interview, but still!)

At the beginning of the movie Kristen would say lines like “Let's get some BEEF,” and I'd think to myself, “Wow, this is so the definition of Hollywood female characters that are completely unrealistic because they were written by men.” But after watching them talk about the film, about anything really, I've become convinced they are actually that couple. Sure you can't be “on” all the time, but I genuinely think they just are that couple that plays off each other and is constantly entertaining each other.

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