Hipster Disney Princess: The Musical Proves That You Shouldn’t Mess With A Perfectly Good Internet Meme

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When I saw that brothers Antonious and Vijay Nazareth had made a musical parody of the Hipster Disney Princesses meme, I had nearly forgotten that those images of Ariel, Belle, and other animated princesses in ironic glasses existed. Not because I'm too uncool to have seen them, but because it's been over a year since the Hipster Ariel meme started. Those image macros were funny—Disney princesses whining about how they whipped their hair back and forth before it was cool, or how they'd never touch a book with an Oprah's Book Club sticker. It was even great when the villains and the princes got their own sets of black-framed glasses and went to town.

But I'm sorry to say, Hipster Disney Princess: The Musical just isn't that funny. Ariel, Belle, Snow White, and Cinderella take to the streets of Manhattan, which should be your first indication; I feel like they'd be more at home in Brooklyn. It's just… the joke falls flat when they're telling us why it's funny. Which I know is a difficult thing to criticize, since the meme was based on the same, straightforward idea. But somehow these one-liners are sharper as captions than as lyrics. Also, I doubt any hipster would misspell “vinyl” as “vynl” (which, coincidentally, is the name of a great, little-known restaurant in the upper 50s that the hipster princesses might like).

The one joke I liked was the bit about shopping at thrift stores (“or so we say…”), and these actresses all played great princesses. But the awkward timing combined with overdoing it on the meme just showed that sometimes you have to let things alone. There's nothing wrong with admitting that some memes work better in video form than image, or vice versa. After all, a straight jpeg of Nyan Cat wouldn't be nearly as giggle-inducing as the animation with the J-pop song. And “Shit Girls Say” works as a fast-paced video compilation better than a Quickmeme entry.

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