Hipster Cinna Is Your New Favorite Hunger Games Meme

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Hipster Cinna meme elenfea Tumblr "I bet on Katniss before it was cool"It took only about a month after The Hunger Games‘ release for fans to apply the “Hipster [Character]” meme to the dystopian series—and it's only fitting that super-stylist Cinna would be the first subject. Sure, we've seen photos circulating online of Katniss or Peeta wearing the signature black glasses, but Hipster Cinna is the first meme to actually gain some traction; in the gallery below, you'll find our favorites from Tumblr and meme-making site DIY LOL.

Because although the “Hipster Hunger Games” video was amusing, many of its jokes were too broad and fell flat. With this meme, all of the jokes are about the world of Panem and are therefore more focused. I bet that Lenny Kravitz never imagined he'd become an internet meme! The only other Hunger Games character I would put in second place would be Seneca Crane, because come on, that beard.

And here—you can make your own!