12 TV Shows That Ended Unsatisfyingly, Just Like HIMYM Will Tonight

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Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson saying what on HIMYM GIFYou guys know what tonight is, right? It's the finale of How I Met Your Motherwhich is finally ready to stop blue-balling us and give us the dirt on the whole Mother situation. Supposedly

But old habits die hard, and I myself am having trouble imagining a world in which the final episode isn't a total let-down. They've just gotten so used to teasing us with a little information and then yanking away that it  might be tough for them to reveal everything, at long last.

After all, this wouldn't be the first time that a long-running show ended unsatisfyingly. THere are plenty of shows with great runs, huge buzz…and massively disappointed fan bases the day after the finale aired.

And I want to talk about them, but I also want you to read about them, so I promise there will be no spoilers in the depths ahead. Just in case you're still working your way through a Netflix behemoth like I am with The West Wing(I'm told it ends disappointingly, but if you ruin one single thing for me about C.J. Cregg's trajectory, I will put my whole hand in your mouth. In a bad way.)

Ahem. Shall we?

1. Lost

All I had to do was say the sentence, “Guys, can you think of any TV shows that ended unsatisfyingly?” out loud in the office, and suddenly there were multiple loud angry voices going, “LOST LOST LOST LOST”. That's how universally trashed this finale was.

2. Seinfeld

It's hard to end a show that prides itself on being about nothing, so I guess it shouldn't be surprising that they didn't completely nail it.

3. The Office

Ugh. I was as big a fan of this show as the rest of you for so long, but as soon as Jim and Pam got together, it was kind of ruined for me, and the finale was too sappy to make up for it.

4. 24

Yeah, why don't we just end the show WITH ZERO PERCENT CLOSURE and never even address this weird thing we've been referencing for like five seasons! What the hell.

5. Grey's Anatomy

I'm aware that this show is still on the air. That's what makes it unsatisfying.

6. Friday Night Lights

Even if you thought the finale was good, it's pretty universal that people liked seasons one through three more than four and five. By the time the finale rolled around, the show had already lost the most likable members of the cast, so it was hard to be too enthusiastic.

7. Scandal

I'm looking into my crystal ball and telling you right now that nobody's gonna be satisfied with the finale. NOBODY NOT ONE PERSON.

8. Dexter

I bailed on this one after only a few seasons, and from what I've heard, I should have a career as a stockbroker, because I got out just in time. Waaaaaayyyy before the finale, which was pretty widely acknowledged as a hot ass mess.

9. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

More important characters were sidelined in favor of giving screen time to weird, unnecessary parts of the plot, and all the extras you can shake a stick at.

10. The Sopranos

Another controversial one. I know some people who LOVED this ending and some people who HATED it. So I guess they succeeded, right? Because there aren't a ton of people walking around who're completely ambivalent.

11. Enlightened

This one is understandable, but that doesn't make it any less disappointing. Enlightened was canceled suddenly (and cruelly) after not enough seasons, so the finale cropped up kind of unexpectedly and they had to scramble to wrap things up. I still miss it.

12. Alias

Not only did this show end with an anticlimactic reveal, it also nearly ruined our idea of Sidney Bristow to see her behaving like a normal after all those years as a spy. Pretty big sell-out.

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