The Mother Herself Calls The HIMYM Death Theory ‘Crazy’…But She Doesn’t Deny It

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Cristin Milioti talking about Mother conspiracy theory on HIMYM March 2014Remember last week when we told you about that How I Met Your Mother conspiracy theory that says Ted has been telling this story to his kids for nine seasons because the Mother has actually been dead the whole time? Well Cristin Milioti, who actually plays the role, just debunked it in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, so that's that, everybody. Gotta go home. Nothing to see here.

EXCEPT. She didn't really debunk it at all! IT'S AN ILLUSION! If you watch the video, she calls the theory ‘crazy' and ‘insane', but she never actually says it's wrong. I mean I'm sure she's not allowed to tell anybody anything with the finale still so close, but look at these quotes you guys! She's definitely trying to throw off suspicion from that particular plot line, and I find that prettttty interesting. Here's what she says after the interviewer asks if she's heard the theory that her character has been dead the whole time:

“That's insane. No, I know there's some crazy conspiracy theories. Which actually just makes me really love the fans more, because I'm like, ‘Wow, you guys are, like, getting to the bottom of…something.' There's passion there. That is so crazy.”

INTERESTING, no? And then as soon as she finishes that sentence, she switches right over to talking about the ending of Lostwhich apparently had some stuff in common with the HIMYM dead-all-along theory. You trying to distract us, Cristin? Because that almost worked.

Oh my god, I'm still so suspicious, you guys. I think this is just Cristin's clever way of diverting attention from the real story while still being technically truthful with the media. Pretty smart of her to find a way to discuss how the show ends without outright lying.

She does talk about the finale a little bit more, saying that they shot only one ending, with none of the multiple takes that some highly-secretive series use to throw people off the scent of how the show will end. And when the guy asks her to describe the finale in one word, she says:

“I'm gonna give you probably the least original answer that you've ever heard: I'm just gonna say ‘beautiful'.”

I see you, Cristin. I see you and I am NOT CONVINCED. The conspiracy theory lives to fight another day!