Hillary Duff To Break Out Of Her Shell… Eventually

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Don’t expect Hilary Duff to play light teen roles forever — as her 18th birthday approaches, the singer hopes to dig in to meatier roles that would let her stretch her acting muscles. She says she’s been holding onto a script for the past year that she’d love to see made into a movie, “but who knows if it’s ever going to happen.” The character she would play is “so cool and weird and messed up. It’s not like she’s a druggie, she’s just different, she’s just in her head, she’s crazy,” Duff said. “I think it would be good for girls to see that.” She thinks the project will have to wait at least another year because it’s not what people expect of her, and she thinks she needs to “ease into” roles like that. “This is a business, and you have to give people what they want to see,” she said. “It’s the smartest thing.”~MTV.com