Hillary Clinton Hangs With the Broad City Gals and Amy Poehler, Makes Our Dreams Come True

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Today is the day to shout “YASSSS QUEEEN” from the mountaintops because four of our favorite ladies ever had one awesome hangout. Hillary Clinton took a break from the whole running for President business to join Broad City stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer as well as producer Amy Poehler on the set of the show and it's one for the history books.

In between (I assume) sharing what their favorite gadgets from Bed, Bath, and Beyond are, the ladies were able to share some pictures from Hillary's confirmed guest appearance. And they are so epic, t-shirts are being made as we speak.  In the first one, Abbi and Ilana nestle up to Hillary while filming the scene saying “Just three best friends on the set of Broad City season 3!.”  We also get a group selfie of the newly anointed best friends with Amy as they are “crying red white & blue tears.” Hillary got a ready to frame picture with the girls even using the #yas hashtag making the whole trip worth it.

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While they are no details on what Hillary's Broad City story line will be, here's hoping it involves Abbi and Ilana volunteering at her Brooklyn campaign headquarters ruling that place like Ilana rules that Deals Deals Deals office. We would also settle for this being a another wisdom tooth fever dream where Abbi and Ilana are announced as Hillary's joint pick for Vice President. We'll find out for sure when Broad City season 3 premieres next February on Comedy Central.

Can I also hope that during their hangout, Amy convinced Hillary to join her when she hosts Saturday Night Live December 19?  It's all I want for Christmas.

(Photo: Instagram)