Hilary Duff’s Film “Greta” Changed To “According To Greta”?

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While fans have been waiting for Hilary Duff’s upcoming film Greta to be released there are a few updates that are worth mentioning. It seems as though the movie has now been changed to have another title for itsHilary Duff s Film  Greta  Changed to  According to Greta  hilaryduffgreta08 thumb jpg US release, and that title is According to Greta.

A whole bunch of different retail sites are now referring to it by the new name. The movie is expected to have a pretty limited theatrical run sometime during the fall and will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on January 19th, 2010 in the United States.  

Hilary stars as the title character, who is beautiful, intelligent…but also depressed. She becomes suicidal and even compiles a book of suicide methods. Then, she meets a guy who changes her life. There obstacles that they have to over come, however. This includes her depression, his criminal past and their social aspect of maintaining their interracial relationship.

The movie sounds great, but it will be nice to finally see it! What do you guys think of their decision to change the name?

Images: Greta Productions LLC for Whitewater Films