Hilary Duff’s Bogota Visit

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Earlier, we shared some of the photos that Jamie Rodriguez was putting on his Twitter account in Bogota. Jamie has continued to document Hilary's visit to Bogota, working on a documentary of her visit. In addition to documenting her many visits, Jamie has been interviewing Hilary each day. Should be a good interview in the end!

Little preview of the documentary on TwitpicHilary distributing food to kids on TwitpicHilary receiving gifts from kids on Twitpic

Hilary in her last official event on TwitpicHilary Duff enjoying the day on TwitpicHilary during a hospital visit on Twitpic

Jamie shared that there have been a lot of Hilary fans at each event in Bogota and that Hilary “got emotional and teary” giving a speech about local children who live in poverty. She was later quoted as saying: “This city has a real heart to it” and “Never been to a city with so many programs dedicated to ending child poverty”

Evening Poster for Hilary's event on TwitpicMore Hilary Duff on TwitpicHilary Crazy Eyes on Twitpic

Hilary filming continues on TwitpicFans on TwitpicHilary Duff and the Mayor earlier today on Twitpic

Hilary and Me = on Twitpic

Images: Jamie A Rodriguez