Hilary Duff Votes On Best Legs

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Hilary Duff, and her sister, were a part of a judging panel that voted on the best legs in the US. And a winner has been chosen, and was even flown out for Hilary Duff’s birthday celebration as a part of her winnings:

When it comes to gams, Angela McNeany has a leg up on the competition.

That’s because the 22-year-old Chicago area woman was just named the national winner of the “Legs of a Goddess” contest — a nationwide hunt by razor maker Gillette for the best pair of legs in America.

McNeany — and her legs — beat out hundreds of contestants.

She started her climb to the top earlier this year by winning a local heat. Contestants from Boston to San Diego vied for the title before a panel of celebrity judges that included sisters Hilary and Haylie Duff; supermodel and star of VH-1’s “The Surreal Life,” Marcus Schenkenberg; Red Sox great David Ortiz and representatives from international modeling agency Karin Models…

McNeany’s coming-out party took place Wednesday night when the leggy brunette was flown to Los Angeles for Hilary Duff’s surprise 18th birthday party.