Someone Please Tell Me New Mom Hilary Duff Was Just Holding That Cigarette For A Friend

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Someone Please Tell Me New Mom Hilary Duff Was Just Holding That Cigarette For A Friend wenn5863492 640x918 jpg

Oh good Gordo in heaven! This photo of Hilary Duff holding a cigarette outside Rock N Reilly’s Irish Pub in L.A makes me want to cry. Yes, it makes me want to crawl into a crib with her new adorable baby son Luca and just cry. The actress-turned-former-actress-who-only-gets-photographed-because-she-birthed-a-baby had just moved up on my celebrity point ladder  — and now, because of this highly irresponsibly decision, she’s getting knocked back down. I hope she enjoys making small talk with the cast of That’s My Boy.

(Note: Yes, we realize that a Starbucks cup does not equal a cigarette. But we can’t run the photo here, so check it out at the link above.)

For her baby’s cuteness alone, I had given her several (clearly unwarranted) celebrity points, boosting her up to Jessica Alba’s level. A quality celebrity mother who excels at getting photographed with her children. I figured she would join that exclusive parenting club of illustrious former actresses who now spend their days posing candidly with their children in public L.A playgrounds.

But no.

She’s joining Katherine Heigl’s ranks. A mother who will spend her free time going on talk shows and talking about how smoking an electronic cigarette earns her Mother of the Year awards. It’s just so upsetting. You think you know someone. You think you devote a large part of your middle school years watching their TV show. And then they go and do this. Smoke a cigarette despite the dangers third-hand smoke poses to a baby.

Unless of course we all pretend that she just got photographed at an inopportune time and she really is just holding on to that cig for a friend. It’s .06% likely. That gives her the same odds that I gave Nadya Suleman when it comes to her children celebrating Mother’s Day after they move out of  her house.

(Photo: WENN)