Hilary Duff May Be Divorcing Her Husband, But She’s Been Flirting With Scientology

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I can totally understand wanting to go on the rebound after a divorce, but if Hilary Duff is really looking to get serious again post-divorce, I'd really prefer if she didn't settle down with Scientology.

That's right everybody, in the wake of her separation from former NHL player Mike Comrie, Hilary has been seen out and about, flirting with Scientology. Letting it sidle up to her at a bar and order her drinks and talk about its day while she tosses her hair back and forth and giggles encouragingly. By which I mean she was seen (and called out by Radar) spending a ton of time at Coachella with hard-core Scientologist Alanna Masterson, sister to Chris and Danny Masterson, who took her first class at thirteen and has finished several classes every year since, including the ‘Seamanship' one where members sign contracts pledging to serve the church for a period of one billion years. That is a real thing.

In fact, Alanna is so deep into the religion now that even her father, Joe Reaiche, is weirded out by it, and willing to speak out over his concern for his daughter:

“I paid for my kids to go to private Scientology school but it’s a total fraud. Recently Alanna gave them $25,000 because they told her they could give her superpowers. That’s on top of the normal 50 to 100 grand a year she pays in fees.”

So yeah, that was Hilary's buddy during the festival, and she was even seen sporting a temporary tattoo that bears similarity to official Scientology imagery, including a small cross and a triangle, which is an extremely important shape in the religion.

And just to make things a little scarier, Hilary has been open about looking for a new spirituality lately, saying:

“When I was younger, we were very much churchgoers. Now that things have gotten a little bit busier and I have gotten a little bit older, I don’t necessarily think that you have to go to church to be a believer. I travel so much and I work so hard, but I have faith in that kind of thing and I pray all the time and I believe in God.”

Eep eep eep. You are making yourself very vulnerable here to the persuasive charms of a very intense group of people, m'lady. And it isn't even the first time. Last June, Hilary rubbed elbows with yet another high-ranking Scientologist when she attending the Children Mending Hearts event in Los Angeles, hosted by John Travolta‘s wife Adele Dazeem. Sorry, no, that's wrong — I meant Kelly Preston.

Obviously Hilary is entitled to do whatever she wants and whatever feels right to her, but the thing about celebrities and Scientology is that you fall in fast! You're just walking along and then BOOM! All of a sudden you're threading Laura Prepon‘s eyebrows or writing ‘I shall not Suri Cruise‘ ten thousand times on a blackboard. (In my brain ‘Suri Cruise' is a verb that means ‘to abandon the church' in Scientologese.)

Constant. Vigilance.