Here Are Some Normal Hilary Duff Pictures To Distract You From Her Rumored Plastic Surgery

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Hilary Duff seen out and about in Beverly HillsHappy Friday, everyone! Did you all go out and have a normal day today? Did you do normal things and get photographed with normal looks on your face? Well great! Hilary Duff didn't! Like…at all. To the point that BuzzFeed is pretty sure that she got her lips done. And looking at that picture, I can't help but agree with them. She either got her lips done or was momentarily paralyzed by a ghost passing through her body in an instant of mirth. There are few explanations for the duck lips that I find myself facing in this moment.

But it's a Friday, and I don't want you to go into the weekend with this specter hovering over you and ruining your fun plans, so let me provide you with some normal photos of Hilary Duff looking normal, also. This is, after all, the woman we chose as our Lizzie McGuire, and elected to the position of ‘child actress'. I wouldn't want you to think that someone like her would need or want to enhance her appearance.

march of the dimes 081212 Well wouldja look at that! It's Hilary and her husband and babydaddy Mike Comrie! Look into his husky…brown? eyes and it's easy to see that he loves her no matter what. He would never ask her to get surgery. SURELY SHE DIDN'T GET SURGERY.hilary duff and family 2 131212 And baby Luca! I can't imagine it was him who asked his mom to change her physical appearance. I mean let's be real, he's an infant. He can't even find his but with both hands.bing summer 010612 Gardening! What a fulfilling activity! Don't you feel rich and rewarded and at peace with the earth and your environment! What else could you need in the world? Certainly not a dose of silicone or whatever it is celebrities put in their lips to make them nice and plumpy.hilary duff bday 3 280911 And finally a picture with sister Haylie and a dog! Two people who love you exactly as you are, Hil. Come on. Tell me you did get your lips done today. Just tell me. I need this.

(Images: WENN.com)