Hilary Duff on growing up

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Hilary Duff reflects on growing up in the public eye – what that means for how old she feels, how she has matured, and the sacrifices she has had to make along the way. And the value she places on privacy.

And, of course, there's the perfume, clothing line and usual celebrity add-ons – the poor girl hardly has time to grow up! People forget I'm so young – so do I sometimes,” she said.

“I've been working adult hours since I started the Lizzie TV show when I was 13 so I have missed out on a lot of normal stuff.

“But I think of myself as lucky and don't regret any of it – even though it can be tough”

“I feel I have missed out on some things a little bit – I found it hard growing up in the public eye.”

If I lose five pounds I'm on drugs or not eating, if I go outside without a big smile I'm depressed or I've split up with my boyfriend.

“I try to be normal and private – I don't want to make a spectacle of my life.

“But they make me seem crazy for not wanting the press stuff – like Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz, they want freedom but the press make them seem crazy”If young people see me as a role model that is flattering but I have to live my own life.”

And while her weight has been the subject of some pretty intense speculation recently, Hilary insists she is fine – and it's her business, not ours.

“I'm not too skinny. If you look at pictures of me you can see I'm healthy and I do eat!

“It's just because there are a bunch of other people out there who are way too skinny and they want to tag me with that same thing.

“I have made a decision to be healthy and happy. I'm getting older so I look older but people want to try to make a story out of it”