Hilary Duff in Toluca Lake

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Hilary Duff and boyfriend Mike Comrie were photographed together out walking near Hilary's home in Toluca Lake today. Since Hilary lives near both her mother and her sister, and Haylie tweeted she's away, we can probably assume Hilary & Mike went to visit Susan, or perhaps were checking in on Haylie's house or dogs?

Hilary Duff Hair Extensions

You can see, Hilary didn't keep her hair wavy from the salon for very long (that's my favorite part of going to the salon!). In fact, it's clear from these photos that Hilary has had some extensions in order to give her the length for that kind of look. I wonder how she likes having extensions?

Hilary Duff Hair ExtensionsHilary Duff Hair ExtensionsHilary Duff Hair Extensions

Images: splashnewsonline.com