Hilary Duff And Her Husband Are Divorcing, So Love Is Officially Dead

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Hilary Duff and then-husband Mike Comrie attending March of Dimes luncheon December 2012I hope you guys didn't have any weekend plans that required you to believe in love, because I regret to inform you that they're about to be derailed — Hilary Duff and her husband, former NHL player Mike Comrie have decided to get a divorce after four years of marriage. Noooooo. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I was supposed to go wine-tasting!

No but seriously, this really blows, because these two seemed like a really great couple to me, a stranger on the internet. And their kid, two-year old Luca Cruz Comrie, is pretty goddamn adorable, so that's heartbreaking. Not like it would be less so if he were more normal-looking, but I was always led to believe that if you were cute enough or tried hard enough, you could keep your parents together from sheer force of will. That's what Lindsay Lohan taught me in The Parent Trap, anyway.

But even though I'm pretty devastated by the first celebrity break-up of the year, it's at least nice to notice that they're being super awesome to each other about it. We heard about the breakup not through rumors or blind items, but from the couple themselves via their representation, who released the following statement:

“Hilary Duff and husband Mike Comrie have mutually decided to an amicable separation. They remain best friends and will continue to be in each other's lives. They are dedicated to loving and parenting their amazing son, and ask for privacy at this time.”

And if that wasn't enough to get your heart warmed and your tear ducts juicing, please refer to Hilary's extremely mature tweet, below:

We'd previously thought that Amy Poehler and Will Arnett were at the top of the Most Amicable Celebrity Exes list, but now it's looking like Hilary and Mike are jockeying for first place.

Sending our thoughts to these two — definitely not an easy thing, but the way they're handling it is super impressive.

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