Hilary Duff “Greta” Flick Details

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Hilary Duff announced recently that she will soon begin filming a new movie called "Greta". Very few details on the movie could be found at the time.

According to the Canadian Press, Hilary Duff will be co-starring in the movie with Oscar-winning actress Ellen Burstyn.

Hilary Duff  Greta  flick details alloy default image jpgHilary Duff  Greta  flick details alloy default image jpg

Ellen Burstyn will play Hilary Duff’s grandmother in "Greta". Ellen’s character will tackle the social taboo of "the sexual senior," so it seems like a socially dramatic film.

Burstyn says she suggested a randy scene with her character’s elderly husband.

"They don’t think of older people as having sex, and I think it’s important that we bust that stereotype," says Burstyn, whose other roles include Oscar-nominated performances in the 1974 horror classic "The Exorcist" and 2001 drama "Requiem for a Dream."

No word yet on what Hilary Duff’s character will be facing in the film.

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