Hilary Duff Films “The Business of Falling In Love”

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In August, it was announced that Hilary Duff would be starring in a new movie called The Business of Falling in Love. Now, the blonde beauty is on location in New York City, filming for the movie and we have some beautiful photos of Hil on set in her role of Lane Silverman.

Lane Silverman is a fashion reporter who is struggling to sell articles. Finally she comes up with the idea to write a report on dating men in business suits. Her challenge is to find a successful businessman and get him to fall in love with her in just two months. Crazy, right?

I’m liking those bold outfits that Hilary is wearing. Especially the pink one! It’s a convenient time for her to be filming the movie because she’s already in town for her guest appearances on Gossip Girl. Are you guys excited for the movie?

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Image: //splashnewsonline.com