Hilary Duff Is Coming Back To TV — Can She Bring Gordo And Miranda With Her?

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Hilary Duff back TV Lizzie McGuire 20th Century FoxAlmost ten years after her star-making Disney show Lizzie McGuire ended, Hilary Duff is headlining a new television project. Sadly, it's not a Lizzie reboot where she married the wrong guy and Gordo needs to track her down through Facebook and remind her of that time she impersonated an Italian pop star. Still, it will hopefully be in the same vein, a vehicle to highlight Hilary's Everygirl persona. Deadline reports that Hilary will work with 20th Century Fox to develop a half-hour comedy for her to star in and produce. If whatever pilot falls through they could still cast her in another show, but (as Deadline says) “the focus of the deal is on finding a half-hour idea and tailoring it to Duff’s comedic sensibilities.”

Last night Hilary took to Twitter to make an official announcement:

Ok it's official! Very excited about my development deal with 20th century fox!! t.v. here I come! 🙂

Celebs like Lacey Chabert wished her the best, which was very sweet. It's not as if Hil's been totally away from TV; she spent a season playing Penn Badgley‘s movie-star girlfriend on Gossip Girl. But as I said, I'm really interested in seeing how Hilary carries her own series again. For all of its cheesiness — and that awful animated alter ego — Lizzie McGuire was a sweet show with a clear message about overcoming embarrassment, and unlike other Disney shows, it didn't make the parents look like complete idiots.

In the meantime, read this fantastic piece from Thought Catalog envisioning where Lizzie, Gordo, Miranda, Mr. and Mrs. McGuire, and Matty are all now. It perfectly captures the show's emotional core and realistically incorporates pop culture and life changes from 2004 to 2012.

Hilary Duff back to TV Lizzie McGuire 20th Century Fox

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