Hilary Duff Loses Bet With Jessica Simpson And Gives Birth First

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Hilary Duff, who we can only assume was in a competition with Jessica Simpson for who can hold their baby in longer, lost Tuesday night and gave birth to a baby boy named Luca Cruz Comrie. He weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces and we're confident he can trim himself down to a healthier size by the time swimsuit season rolls around.

Or is that Hilary Duff who now has 6 weeks to go from flab to fab. I can never remember if it's the mother or the baby who have to drop the pounds. They're both always on the magazine covers so it really is hard to figure it out.

Either way Lizzie McGuire giving birth officially ends my childhood. We went to middle school together, in theory. She went within a fictional TV show and I within my county's public school system. But still we went through all our collective tween year trials and triumphs together.

Except I do have to say I had more than two friends. I'm sure Miranda and Gordo were super great, but she could have branched out a little bit more. Also her parents might have investigated, via a psychiatrist, why she could only deal with problems by imagining herself in a small cartoon form.

My early '00s TV criticism aside, we're very excited for baby Luca. May he embrace being a baby celebrity and milk those magazine covers for all their worth.