Hilary Duff & Avril Lavigne

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So, here is a bunch of gossip about Hilary Duff & Avril Lavigne and their alleged ongoing feud – and how it got really tense at the Maxim Hot 100 party because of that.

Hilary Duff and Avril Lavigne made it clear that their long-running feud is very much still on when they bumped into each other at a recent party.

Both singers had been scheduled to arrive at Maxim’s Hot 100 bash at different times but a cock-up meant that the pair arrived the same time.

According to Metro NY, the rest of the evening was a constant battle to keep the warring stars apart, with both parties threatening to leave if the other stayed.

An eyewitness says there was "definite tension" at the party and that Avril’s anger was "driving everyone crazy." [EntertainmentWise]

I'm glad they at least recognize it's Avril that's holding the grudge. According to other sources, Avril kept threatening to leave, as did Hilary Duff with sister Haylie.

The feud started way back in 2004.

"I read that I was supposedly mad at my fans for dressing like me," Newsweek quotes Lavigne as saying. "They quoted Hilary Duff saying, ‘Avril needs to appreciate her fans more and blah, blah, blah.' I'm like, excuse me? First off, it's not even true. I never said that. And second, who the hell cares what she has to say about my fans? Whatever. Hilary Duff's such a goody-goody, such a mommy's girl."

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