Hilary Duff And Dog Lola Fly The Friendly Skies

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Hilary Duff and Dog Lola Fly the Friendly Skies 90827M6 DUFF B GR 01 1 192x300 jpg

Hilary with Lola this past summer at the airport.

Hilary Duff was spotted in LAX on Tuesday pushing a cart full of luggage and a bag containing her pet Chihuahua, Lola. She was heading back home after a holiday break and sported a classic Burberry scarf to keep her cozy during the flight.

Lola is a lucky pup and hopefully 15 other Chihuahuas will be as lucky to find owners as great as Hilary! Virgin America gave free flights for the pack of dogs from San Francisco to New York where there is a greater demand for small dogs. Apparently California has an overpopulation of the small breed. Are people’s fascination with these dogs due to celebs like Paris Hilton?

The flight was a success for the dogs and even won them a few treats and new toys. Virgin stated they would like to participate in the transport effort again in the future.

Image: Bauer-Griffin