The Only Way To Make A Hungry Hungry Hippos Movie Is This Amazing Fake Trailer Starring Liam Neeson

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fake Hungry Hungry Hippos movie poster trailer Liam Neeson horror

I know, I still can't believe that Hasbro is bouncing back from the box office failure of Battleship and making the childhood game Hungry Hungry Hippos into a movie. And I'm really stumped as to why they're making it an animated kids' film. I know that the studio is gunshy after Battleship turned out to be so objectively awful… but honestly, it was one of my best movie experiences this year! Mostly because of how utterly campy it was, and how it reveled in its badness to become hysterical.

That's what I want to see—self-aware horror that could make you jump, but mostly you laugh about how seriously everyone takes the threat of these murderous hippos lurking in the waters of Africa or wherever. That's why I was tickled by this fake trailer from the folks at Film School Rejects: They mash up footage from your typical jungle thrillers with basically every Liam Neeson scene from Battleship (seeing as those amounted to only ten minutes of that movie).

The Battleship music is a nice touch in this mash-up, bringing to mind the uber-futuristic ridiculousness. Because if the folks behind that movie and Transformers did this, the hippos would have to be revealed to be giant machines. Right? I don't know if anything can convince us that it's regular animals that so want to maul humans. Still, I'd take this epic imagining over what sounds like basically an extended version of the commercial that played all through our childhoods, with that annoying jingle.

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