Hey SXSW: Women Are Funny Too! Here Are 8 Examples

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The South by Southwest festival released its list of comedy performers today, and guess what? Of 31 featured comics, only a single name belongs to a woman. The sole XX-chromosome having person is the (very funny) stand up Tig Notaro who’ll perform in one of the festival’s pair of showcases.

SXSW is known for being a beacon of alternative comedy (red light flashing ‘Get off the stage already,’ but, you know, funnily) and has certainly featured a number of women in the past, so what’s the deal? My request for a comment from the SXSW folks was met with the unsettling silence of a beep-less inbox, so I’ve decided to use this news as an excuse to post videos of eight female stand-ups I really like. Now I’m having my very own comedy festival, plus there’s cake in the office today. So take that, SXSW!

Natasha Leggero
Admission: Natasha made fun of me from stage once when I was like 18 (something about me being too cool to smile, which is true, duh, I am totally wearing all black right now and drinking coffee with no sugar) and I still haven’t quite gotten over it. However, even while trapped in my own dungeon of embarrassment I can’t avoid acknowledging how insanely funny this frequent Chelsea Lately panelist manages to be.

Morgan Murphy
Morgan’s nearly murderous with her arsenal of one-liners, except I’m pretty sure she hasn’t ever actually killed anyone, just inflicted them with massive stomach cramps and premature laugh lines. She’s so funny! Yay!

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