Dyeing Our Hair To Match These Movie Heroines Would Be The Geekiest Act Of Rebellion Ever

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Hair dye boxes are so cheesy, it's a wonder that people still buy them: Wide-eyed models looking mystified that their hair has magically not only changed color, but also become lusher and sparkling enough to rival Edward Cullen's bare chest in the summertime. That's why we're in love with these mock-ups of a new line of hair dye marketed to 2012's movie heroines, from the brilliant minds at I Can Has Cheezburger (via Stylist UK).

Want Merida‘s gorgeous auburn ringlets but don't have a thousand Pixar animators on hand? And while Katniss‘ braid may look deceptively simple, once you pick up a box of her Garnier box, you'll also get bow and arrow skills! Make sure you read the captions on all of these, like “Wait, who is this chick?” on Gwen Stacy‘s box; though whoever made it seems to take both sides when it comes to Spidey's love interests, because there's also a caption that promises this product is “Kirsten Dunst-free.” And of course, it takes only 10 minutes for you to get Selina Kyle/Catwoman‘s luscious locks. That's all the time you'll have before the Gotham PD comes after you for stealing those jewels from Wayne  Manor.

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Because of course the first priority for any of these ladies is their hair.

Photos: I Can Has Cheezburger