Heroes volume 2 DVD: Alternate ending “Powerless”

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Heroes-season2-finale-powerless-nbc Heroes volume 2 was truncated because of the writer's strike. The televised finale episode “Powerless” started with Adam Monroe dropping the vial with the Shanti virus just as Hiro Nakamura touched him. In slow mo, Peter Petrelli jumped to catch the vial just in time. Whew. The heroes went home knowing that they just saved the world from another catastrophe. Nathan Petrelli decides to go public to tell the world about The Company and a special kind of people – posthumans – with special abilities. And then he gets shot.

That's NOT how it would have been. In this alternate ending, Adam dropped and vial and it broke, releasing the virus to the air. It quickly spreads just as Peter, Nathan and Matt arrive on the scene and see people are dying.

Through Matt's mind control, the trio succeed in getting the police to quarantine Odessa, Texas. Nathan calls for a press conference to tell the world of the new threat, and the world witness him succumbing to the virus. 

DarkPhoenix321 got hold of early releases of the Heroes volume 2 DVD and shares the video here.

Do you like this ending better?

image used with permission from NBC/Chris Haston