Heroes volume 2: deleted scenes “Kaito’s powers”

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We know Kaito Nakamura is one of the posthumans. He has powers that were never revealed up to his death. Not even his son Hiro knew about them.

Heroes-ep2.01-four-months-later-nakamura-01-nbcIn this deleted scene, you're about to find out exactly what Kaito can do. This is from Heroes volume 2: Generations, episode 1 “Four Months Later”.

In his own words, Kaito admits that he can analyze the variables in a situation and predict the outcome. That's how he made money off the stock market. And to show exactly how, Kaito opened a newspaper to the stock market page and visualized several numbers. So essentially, he removed noise, unwanted variables. Unfortunately, this is also the scene where a picture of his, marked with the symbol in blood, fell off that same newspaper.

Watch the scene here. DarkPhoenix321 got access to early copies of the Heroes Volume 2 DVD and uploaded the clip.

image used with permission from NBC/Trae Patton