Heroes 3.19 “Shades Of Gray” – Recap

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Heroes episode 3.19  Shades of Gray
Airdate: March 9, 2009

Heroes 3 19  Shades of Gray    recap heroesep319shadesofgrey05 thumb jpg Monday’s “Heroes” is one of those dense episodes that packed a lot of storylines into one hour. But somehow I didn’t feel the episode were hurried up. The pacing was fast but it had enough good connection to feel that the stories were told well.

From one of last week’s surprise endings, Matt Parkman gets strapped with explosives on his chest! Danko the Hunter got the idea from Matt’s painting and decided to make it come alive, and he didn’t waste anytime! Danko brought a dugged Matt in front of the Capitol to make a statement about how dangerous people with powers are. Nathan heard about the set up and flew to DC, going out of Building 26 by way of roof access. Danko was getting suspicious about Nathan already, but I’m surprised he didn’t connect that immediately. Nathan arrived in DC and convinced Matt to use his powers to read the thoughts of bomb squad experts on how to disarm it. Danko pushed the button to activate the bomb but Rebel got through their system. Matt finally pulled the remote off his chest and the bomb failed to explode. Whew, that was a quick call. Suddenly, this puts a face to the threat that Danko wanted the public to understand, but we will have to see if Danko’s plans are going to work. 

Piece by piece, Danko uncovered the secret of Nathan Petrelli. Can he fly? Asking information from Tracy was no good, even after she squealed that Nathan is “one of us”. Cornered, Tracy denied having any knowledge of Nathan having powers. Danko got a lead from HRG to ask Angela about Nathan. So Danko goes to the matriarch and finds a match more than he can handle. Oh, that scene with Christine Rose was the best yet! Funniest scene of the evening was a fearless Angela eating an oyster!

Nathan wasn’t about to let Danko get the better of the situation, so Nathan gets permission from the US president to relieve Danko of his position. But the Hunter isn’t finished yet. He corners Nathan and pushes him through a glass window, and the flying man was forced to reveal his abilities! Does this mean it’s over for the Senator? Is Danko back to being in charge?

Heroes 3 19  Shades of Gray    recap heroesep319shadesofgrey04 thumb jpg Meantime, another baddie is gaining his mojo back. Sylar appears at his father’s doorsteps and was surprised to find a cancer-stricken disheveled old man named Samson Gray (guest star John Glover). At first Sylar was a little disappointed at seeing how defeated the old man looked, but we soon learn that Samson gave up because the “challenge to kill” was gone. In his own words, “Your entire life is meaningless because there’s no challenge. You lived an unsatisfied life.” So either Sylar would kill him quickly, or the cancer will, so now Samson doesn’t care anymore. Did he get through to Sylar, or did the son bait the father? Sylar’s one test – to show his own proof of immortality – was the wake-up call that Samson needed and he shot Sylar through the heart. Obviously, Samson didn’t know any better, and would have had a lot to learn from his son! Sylar tricked his father into playing possum, and got the old man to reveal just what kind of man he still is. John Glover was perfect as Sylar’s dad! He gripped the viewers into believing he’s old and useless until a bait was dangled right up his nose. I just hope this isn’t the last we’ll see of Samson Gray. It would be terrible to waste such talent on one short arc of story. I want to expect that the old man has got something up his sleeve that will make Sylar know a little fear.

In Costa Verde, Eric Doyle “the Puppeteer” (guest star D.H. Lawrence XVII) appears at Claire’s home and asks her for help. Rebel has sent him a message that Claire can help him disappear and live a normal life. Doyle pleads with “Barbie” but Claire refuses to help. And just to remind the Bennet girl what he can do, the Puppeteer shuts Claire’s mouth. But as tears (crocodile?) fall from his eyes and Doyle takes back his hold on Claire, saying he’s not like that anymore. Claire is left wondering if she should have helped Doyle after all. Is this going to be her mission? Maybe her ‘free pass’ gives her the perfect role to ‘lead a double life’  – pretend to be normal, and save lives in secret. Claire talks this over with mom Sandra and decides she’s going to apply at Sam’ Comics (Alex the ‘fish’ former job) so Rebel can send people over to her there instead of endangering her family at home.

As Claire hands her application at Sam’s Comics, the manager grills her about what it means to be a hero. Does Claire really know what kind of hero she is? I didn’t think so either, since she has been on this quest for self-discovery for awhile now. But Claire gets the job – not because she fits the hero descript – but because she’s cute and every guy had been staring at her since she came in. I thought that was funny that the writers added that stereotypical portrayal of comic-geeks (I bet the writers were fellow-geeks).

At the end of the episode, new scenes and twists were being spoiled. Claire receives a warning from Rebel that agents are about to arrest her. Nathan rescues Claire just in time by flying her out the window. Did he get a text from Rebel too to save his daughter?

I’m guessing Danko placed the arrest for Claire. When Danko goes home, obviously pleased and not afraid of those with abilities, someone he wouldn’t have expected was waiting for him at home. Sylar brings along a souvenir from dad – the stuffed rabbit his father taught him to prepare.

Hiro and Ando get back from India to help “Matt Parkman”, who turns out to be Matt’s little baby from Janice. If the babysitter is a clue, this little baby is not a bundle of joy!

Two weeks from now, “Heroes” continues with Cold Snap (ep 3.20) which is Bryan Fuller’s comeback episode.


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