Here’s Your Video Proof That Jersey Shore Is Fake

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Here s Your Video Proof That Jersey Shore Is Fake jerseyshore3 snooki deena jpgRemember Snooki and Deena‘s bar fight in the season 4 episode “Gym, Tan, Find Out Who Sammi Is Texting”? On-air it looked like a bartender lobbed some ice at Snooki and Deena, which then led the girls to smash a bunch of expensive liquor bottles at the bar. But YouTube comedian Sean Klitzner has broken down the footage to show that the whole thing was actually manipulated by MTV producers.

Let’s attack this from each point.

Ice. I don’t know who thought it would be logical to accuse the bartender of chucking ice at the girls, when the ice clearly comes from behind the camera. It’s so clear that Deena is staring at whoever threw the ice; then Snooki turns almost away from the camera to accuse the bartender/the guys standing nearby.

The producer. This was the really impressive part of Sean’s research. So after he noticed that the ice came from behind the camera, he caught an arm quickly retracting as if having just thrown something. That arm belongs to a female producer who was wearing an earpiece and whose face wasn’t blurred out (because you don’t have to get permission for that). Right before Snooki starts knocking over bottles, you see the producer dart in and murmur something to her. It’s got to be instructions, right?

Bottles. You might assume that the bottles cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and that Snooki’s just added a whole lot more to her tab. But freeze-framing shows that they’re just cheap cocktail mixers, which cost maybe $50 for the whole set. Rather convenient that they’re all lined up on the bar, no?

Bar. You’ll notice that no one is actually standing near the bar, which gives a clear shot of Snooki’s tantrum and makes sure no one gets hit with glass shards. You mean to tell us this is a hopping Florence club called Central Park and no one is at the bar buying drinks?

Here’s Sean to break it all down for you. (The Jersey Shore portion begins around 0:30.)

Apparently MTV’s response was “It’s all real, and we couldn’t make this all up.” I believe that Snooki and Deena are willing to get into a fight with anyone, and have often gone to blows over guys who actually insulted (or slapped) them. But when you’re manipulating the cast members into conflict, that’s not real.

Sure, you’ve already had your parents and skeptic friends lecture you on how reality TV is a sham, with all the drama arranged ahead of time and a few unhinged individuals who will snap at any provocation. The bloom is off the proverbial rose. But it’s still a shock to see actual evidence of how much producers manipulate the action.