June Shannon Further Demonstrates Her Family’s Awesomeness By Donating Toys To Disadvantaged Kids

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Last night on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo‘s Christmas special, Mama June Shannon and her family gave haters yet further comeuppance by running an extremely successful toy drive for disadvantaged families in their community. Can everyone please stop calling them the downfall of western civilization now?

As you will recall from the show's first season, the family's annual toy drive is not a mere PR stunt; they've been doing it for years now. And June's explanation of it is downright touching:

“When we were in need, someone helped out me, so now I want to be able to help the next person. I was there one time. I didn't have Christmas for my kids. And it's not a fun experience as a parent to wake up to your child having nothing at Christmastime.”

As you can imagine, the toy drive was more successful than ever this year due to the family's growing fame, raising a total of $3,200, which went pretty far at Walmart. The toys went to Wilco Luvs Kids, a local charity that helps needy families in Georgia. “She has a big heart, and this year the family has really came through for me,” said Wilco administrator Wanda of Mama June. And as it turns out, Wilco's is the same charity that helped June have a nice Christmas for her kids when she was down on her luck. Way to pay it forward!

I realize the show wants us to like June Shannon, Alana Thompson, and the rest of the gang, so it makes sense that they would highlight their more noble activities, in addition to their farts and such. If so, it's working. I sincerely believe this family to be the “realest” and kindest group of weirdos on reality TV, and I think an increasing number of people agree with me.

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