Video: June Shannon Shows Us How To Make ‘Sketti’ The Honey Boo Boo Way

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On the latest episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Mama June Shannon treats us to a little down home cookin' by sharing her very special recipe for “sketti” noodles.

As it turns out, sketti noodles are not that different from regular noodles, but instead of tomato sauce, June makes a much cheaper and more nutritious version out of Country Crock butter and ketchup. Adorably, she invites Alana/Honey Boo Boo to get on her step stool and “help,” even though sketti requires minimal labor to make. When she tells her it's an old family recipe, it's amusing (because sketti is awful) but also kind of touching, because she's clearly trying to make what is actually poor people food seem special to her daughter.

Briana Rognlin at Blisstree thinks it's incredibly effed up to watch these people eat sketti and not do anything about it, but if we're looking at reality TV as a genuine document of someone's real life (as Here Comes Honey Boo Boo seems unique in being), you're not allowed to tamper with that which is being observed. By the end of the show, I'm sure June Shannon will have received hundreds of letters telling her how to feed her family more healthily on the cheap, and maybe she'll listen. But the “reality” is that millions of people are living this way right now in America, and I think it holds at least a little bit of redeeming social value to shove it in people's faces, rather than pushing it under the rug.

And as for the nutritional content of sketti? I honestly don't think it's that much worse than spaghetti made with regular store bought sauce. As someone who obsessively reads labels, I can tell you that most sauce consists of oil, tomatoes, and high fructose corn syrup, and that's basically what this is, give or take a little lypocene. It's probably not a good idea to eat sketti for dinner every night, but the show also doesn't say that they do. In fact, as a huge fan of ketchup on everything, I think I might even try it out for myself the next time my roadkill supply dries up.

(Via DListed)