You Need To Watch This Her Parody With Philip Seymour Hoffman As Samantha

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Joaquin Phoenix in Her screen shotI try not to tell people what to do too  much on here, because I trust Crushable readers to be intelligent, functioning humans in the world. But if you were in any way considering not watching this amazing Her parody, I'm gonna need you to rectify that lapse in judgement just about right this minute. I'll wait.

In this version, instead of the voice of the first artificially-intelligent operating system named Samantha being played by the always sultry Scarlett Johansson, it's played by Philip Seymour Hoffman gruffly shouting lines from past movie roles. So not to spoil the movie or anything, but that part where Samantha starts having phone sex? cyber sex? OS-sex? with Joaquin Phoenix's character? Yeah, that's just him shouting about a wet pussy and all that fun stuff. Pardon my French.

I was pretty skeptical of Scarlett getting Oscar buzz for her work on the movie, but after hearing how impossible it is to take the film seriously with a dude yammering his way through it. Honestly it's amazing. I think I like it even more than I would have if he'd filmed dialogue specifically for the parody, because the delivery is just so perfect.

I mean the concept for the movie is crazy enough, the idea of falling in love with…Siri, essentially. But once it's not a husky lady voice, you become aware of exactly how insane it is. Philip Seymour Hoffman is great and all, but he doesn't really inspire confidence as far as him being able to handle my appointment calendar…let alone BE WORTHY OF MY LOVE.

But regardless, watch the video. It's marvelous and brilliant and I'm pissed I didn't make it myself.