Hep Alien – Where Are They Now?

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Hep Alien is the name of Lane Kim's band in Gilmore Girls, though the name was hard to come by (if you recall from their first gig in Keg! Max!)! In obscure trivia, the name of the band came from an anagram for one of the Gilmore Girls producers, whose name is Helen Pai. Anyway, after writing that fun post about Keiko Agena playing bass yesterday, I thought we could talk about where the Hep Alien band members are now!

Gilmore Girls Hep Alien

Hep Alien Band Members

One of my favorite episodes with Hep Alien is from ‘Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too‘ in Season 5 when the band is asked to play for Jackson's campaign for Town Selectman. John Cabrera (Brian Fuller) recently told me how triumphant this episode was, with people in the crew, actors and producers all dancing in front of the stage during rehearsal. I think it's that kind of energy that really shines through when the band performs in this episode.

Watch the ‘Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too' Episode:

Here are more photos from ‘Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too‘ of Hep Alien:

Gilmore Girls Hep AlienGilmore Girls Hep AlienGilmore Girls Hep Alien

And here are some of Hep Alien's Greatest Hits:

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