Here Are Those Shirtless Henry Cavill GIFs You Didn’t Know Always Knew You Wanted

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Henry Cavill training for Man Of Steel National Guard commercial June 2013

Remember that time you saw Man Of Steel and your only complaint was that there weren't enough shots of shirtless Henry Cavill in it? (I had way more complaints than that, but maybe that was the only one you came up with, and good for you.) Well I have a prescription for that condition, and it's GIFs glorious GIFs. So many many GIFs of Henry Cavill training for the movie in all of his bare-chested glory.

Henry Cavill training for a Man Of Steel National Guard commercial June 2013  Seriously you guys look at those pecs. They were in the movie for like maybe thirty seconds and they stole the whole show. Every time I was like, “Wait, but why is Amy Adams immediately in love with Superman without knowing anything about him?” I immediately answered my own question with, “Oh right, because pecs.” Because someone on this sweet green earth gets to go home with Clark and run their hands through his pec-fur before he goes to sleep at night, and that person might as well be Lois Lane.

The footage comes from a video for the National Guard that's ostensibly a recruitment ad, just hidden in between glamor shots of Henry Cavill's muscles as he trains and builds bulk for the film. He does shirtless squats, shirtless ketel bells, shirtless pull-ups, shirtless wheelbarrow pulls, and shirtless everythings, and I love every minute of it. And then at the end they're like, “Wanna look like this? Come join the National Guard and become a literal superhero.” I'd scoff at it if it wasn't so convincing. Because look at his glistening skin and rippling muscles, you guys. Just look at them. They're unbelievable.

Henry Cavill training for the Man Of Steel National Guard commercial June 2013

It also proves that the good people down at the National Guard are effing geniuses, because you know they're about to be flooded with applications from every fanboy and fangirl who saw the movie and wanted to be and/or do Henry Cavill.

Henry Cavill training for his Man Of Steel National Guard commercial June 2013

They should make all recruitment ads like this — may I suggest Ryan Gosling for the next one?

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