The Epic Saga Of Henry Cavill Getting Locked Out Of His Hotel Room Naked

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The Epic Saga of Henry Cavill Getting Locked Out of His Hotel Room Naked Henry Cavill Seth Meyers March 2016 jpg

Henry Cavill was a guest on last night’s Late Night With Seth Meyers, where he talked about the new movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But the story he told about something that happened to him shortly after he was cast in Man of Steel in 2011 will have you way more on the edge of your seat than you’ll be watching those two superheroes duke it out. The story has to do with Henry getting locked out of his hotel room completely naked. Oh, do I have your full attention now? Good.

Henry explains that he was exhausted from jet lag, and when he woke up to use the bathroom he accidentally went through the wrong door and ended up in the hallway with no clothes on. (So now you know that either Henry Cavill sleeps naked or takes all his clothes off to pee. Whichever you choose to believe.) Turns out this doesn’t just happen in movies and TV shows. It also happens in real life to very attractive celebrities who can then use it as an anecdote on a late night talk show while promoting their movie.

Be warned, though. Not all of Henry’s story is particularly charming. For example, before making his awkward way down to the lobby to retrieve a replacement key, Henry had to take care of his bathroom situation, which was apparently so dire he couldn’t even take the time to find a public restroom. Instead, he says he went up on the roof and “peed off the top of the hotel.” So if you were outside a hotel in Los Angeles in 2011 at 3 in the morning and someone peed on you, it was Superman. Congratulations? Yeah, this story takes a turn for the Bieber pretty quickly, I’m afraid. Sorry about that.