Help Hilary Duff Support Haitian Earthquake Relief Efforts!

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Celebrities are doing all they can to help support Haitian earthquake relief efforts–Hilary Duff included. Help Hilary Duff Support Haitian Earthquake Relief Efforts  90929P1 DUFF B GR 02 jpgYou can help Hilary support this important cause by visiting the official Hilary Duff Swag Store and donating your Swagbucks to the Haitian Earthquake relief efforts.

If you donate 1,000,000 points the site will donate $100,000 to the American Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and Yele.org (Wyclef Jean’s relief effort).

You can sign up for this promotion right over here and get 3 points for doing so which can immediately be donated to the earthquake relief fund.

Hilary News encourages you to explore legitimate help efforts for Haiti and donate how you deem appropriate.

Image: Bauer-Griffin