Helen Mirren Twerks After Winning An Award, Cannot Stop Being The Coolest Person Ever

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Helen Mirren twerking Hasty Pudding Harvard

Dame Helen Mirren accepted the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year award from Harvard yesterday. She rode in a parade through Cambridge, Massachusetts, and during the award ceremony she showed off her twerking skills. I kid you not, the woman who won an Oscar for playing the Queen of England twerked in front of a crowd of people. Why? Because she's the absolute coolest.

The context of the twerking, as you can see from the video below, is that she was challenged to give charades clues, and one of the things she had to act out was twerking. She tried everything she could to avoid actually doing the movie, by miming “working” and adding a T in front of it. Then eventually she just caved and twerked like there was no tomorrow. This first of all tells us that at 68 years old, Helen Mirren is well aware of what twerking is, and second of all that there is no limit to her awesomeness. Not only that, but she revealed that she's tried twerking before:

“I've tried in my bedroom in private, in front of the mirror, very unsuccessfully, so absolutely humiliating to have to do it in public in front of a whole load of people. But I obviously couldn't get out of it, it was inevitable end to the whole proceedings.”

She also revealed that she's a huge Beyonce fan since seeing her perform at the Kennedy Center Honors. Is there anything better than a classy and iconic and impossibly British actress who can turn in Oscar-winning performances and look elegant on the red carpet, but isn't above looking silly or fangirling over pop stars? No, no there isn't anything better than that. That's why I also can't get enough of Emma Thompson's wonderful shenanigans this award season. You can keep your twenty-something girl crushes to yourself. I'm reaching for a different generation to obsess over.

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