Helen Mirren Assures Jennifer Lawrence She’ll Be A Beautiful Woman… Eventually

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Helen Mirren Jennifer Lawrence lookalikes Entertainment Tonight 2014

There are just too many great things about this Helen Mirren interview, I don't even know where to start. Perhaps I should give a little background about how Jennifer Lawrence fits into it all. You may or may not remember a few months back when Jennifer was on The Daily Show, and Jon Stewart pointed out that he thought she looked like a young Helen Mirren. Meh, a little bit I guess, but I never would have thought so if he hadn't suggested it.

That's not the important part of all this, though. The important part is that Entertainment Tonight asked Dame Helen if she thought he was right, and her answer goes from faux-modesty to backhanded compliments to bragging to genuine loveliness in almost no time at all. Here's how she starts:

“She's much prettier than I was. But there is a great similarity actually, it's very true there is a similarity.”

Aww, that's so polite, but she really shouldn't sell herself short. She was beautiful then and she's beautiful now. Seriously, what's her secret and where can I buy fifty bottles of it? Let's look at what she said next:

“She's got the little fat cheeks that I used to have.”

Uh oh. Somebody's sharpening her claws for a cat fight. Did you hear her fat-shame your cheeks, J.Law? These two are going to be sword-fighting with their Oscar statues very soon. But what's that? Helen has more to say?

“As she gets older that will all fall away and she’s going to be the most beautiful woman. She is a beautiful girl. She is going to be spectacularly beautiful woman.”

What that translates to: “Don't you worry about those dreadful cheeks, Jennifer. You'll grow out of them and be beautiful in no time. After all, you look like me. And look how beautiful I turned out. Oh look at that, I believe I'm doing a little bit of bragging. I wonder how that happened.”

I am obsessed with everything Helen Mirren is and chooses to be.