Despite All Her Plastic Surgery, Heidi Montag Is Unrecognizable Without Makeup

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Heidi Montag no makeupNot that I condone plastic surgery in the slightest, but you would think that Heidi Montag‘s infamous 10+ surgeries in one day would have transformed her into a one-of-a-kind “beauty” who could be comforted by looking in the mirror that whatever ideal Hollywood look she wanted, she got.

But as these candid photos of a shockingly puffy and blotchy Heidi attest, the true Hollywood magic is from makeup. No matter how much her late plastic surgeon reshaped her body, she looks like a normal person.

Unless… could that be her plan? These might be the first photos of Heidi and reality-TV husband Spencer Pratt where they aren't coyly posing for the cameras; if anything, puffy Heidi and chubby Spencer look as if they're trying to rush past the paparazzi. Maybe she's doing some reverse-psychology where she makes us think she's just like any A-lister caught without her fresh face of makeup.

We think it's safe to say that Heidi is feeling the pressure of keeping up with her newer, younger, less-cut-up competition, Courtney Stodden. (For reference, here's a gallery comparing Courtney's bikini photos to Heidi's first batch of paparazzi pics after her first set of breast implants, years and years ago.)