Heidi Montag Discusses Her Single “Superficial”

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In an interview with MTV News, fame seeking reality star, Heidi Montag and her infuriating husband, Spencer Pratt were there to discuss her new single “Superficial.”

When asked who she’d worked with on the song she said, “Steve Morales, who did a lot of J.Lo, Celine Dion, Ricky Martin. He’s done everybody." Heidi was trying to give out info on the album, however, Spencer wouldn’t stop miming the lyrics to the song, while she was trying to speak. Is he sabotaging her?? Wouldn’t be surprised…

Anyways, Heidi said of the song, “This song is about how everybody just calls me superficial and says that I’m a b*tch and only about fashion and everything, and they don’t know." Check out a clip of her interview below.

Also, you can listen to the full version of Heidi’s song “Superficial” below. I think it’s got an okay beat, but I just hate Heidi, and I hate her even more for sticking by a buffoon who was clearly just stealing her spotlight. What do you guys think?