Heidi Klum’s Nude Photo Shoot Makes Us Wonder If Going Naked Is The New Wearing Clothes

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Heidi Klum recently posed nude for the new beauty brand Astor, wearing nothing but confidence and colorful body paint. A few years ago this photo would have shocked the country, caused us to loosen our apron strings and exclaim, “good gracious, the supermodel's not wearing any clothes.”

But now everyone from Jessica Simpson to a woman known best as Octomom's stripping down to get more media coverage. If everyone's taking off their clothes to get attention, it kind of defeats the point of posing nude. Cool, you have a body. It's not that shocking. Even if you're pregnant, it's not that shocking.

And if there's no shock value for posing naked, what is the value of doing it all? Years ago it would get people talking, but now it's just as likely to get people sighing loudly and moving onto a more interesting celebrity story.

While I personally wouldn't strip down for a magazine cover or advertising campaign (and you can't even begin to imagine how often bloggers are asked to do this), the fact that it's now mainstream means it's closely approaching the cliche line. Even when Jessica Simpson posed naked last month, everyone's first response was that she copied Demi Moore‘s infamous naked pregnancy pose.

I think if one more person poses naked for any reason, we can say the trend's officially jumped the shark. And when that happen, wearing clothes and covering it all up, mock turtleneck style, will be the new scandalous pose.