Return All Your Candy Corn! Heidi Klum Ruined Halloween By Sharing Her Costume Early

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Great. Just great. Right after I run out and purchase my sexy Airbud costume, Heidi Klum destroys Halloween by sharing her costume early. Every year the supermodel blows us away with her elaborate Halloween costumes that appear to take years (and fairy dust) to create.

Naturally we expected her 2012 Halloween costume idea to be spectacular, a giant f-u to her ex-husband Seal. In fact, I thought she might actually go as a Seal just to make a statement. It's been a few years since we've seen any slutty Andres wandering around on All Hallow's Eve and if anyone call pull of a sensual seal, it would be Heidi Klum.

But alas, she decided to go as Cleopatra. Or as I call her, Cleo-BORING. Really Heidi? You spend the income of a small country on a custom Halloween costume that can be found in any Halloween costume store around the country.

On a video on AOL, she talks about the elaborate process of going from Heidi Klum to Heidi Klum in costume — and it actually is a process that takes months and experts and glitter and I think actual gold. But despite that entire process, she ruined everything by revealing the costume now — a full week before Halloween.

Now we have nothing to look forward to and nobody to care about.

How many days until Arbor Day? A holiday she surely can't ruin as well with her inability to keep suspenseful secrets.