Heidi Klum Is A Regular Soccer Football Mom, Here Are Some Photos To Prove It

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When Seal first accused Heidi Klum of “fornicating with the help,” I thought to myself, wow, that's so… regular of her! And now, here's some further proof that she's just like the rest of us (and totally over Seal). Look, she might be a supermodel, but she can still hang out at the at the park with her new, non-famous bodyguard boyfriend and watch her kids play flag football:

While the details of whether or not Heidi Klum started “fornicating with the help” before or after she and ex-husband Seal actually split up are a bit iffy, it's definitely clear that she's fornicating with dating her former bodyguard  now. He accompanied her to the park earlier today to watch her boys play football, and even carried the cooler. And Heidi wears flip-flops? How regular of her. I wonder what Michael Kors would say?


And look, Heidi enjoys a delicious popsicle while her son (looking as cool as ever) tinkers with a digital camera. I like that she's using the “from the bottom” technique, which is the best way to avoid dripping popsicle juice all over.


Here, Heidi bares her midriff when she lifts her arms to brush some wisps of hair out of her face. Her abs may be in above average shape, but accidentally exposing them is a very average thing to do.


Heidi even does something that I myself am very familiar with: she pretends to listen to an obviously unimportant conversation. See how she's looking at her very cool looking son? It's like she's hoping he'll put the Gatorade down and ask to be escorted to the bathroom or something. My guess is that the woman talking to her was asking about Seal, but Heidi was too polite to tell her to mind her own business.


She even flirts with her new man in public. (Seal, don't be upset. This new guy doesn't seem very cool, just look at his sunglasses. And you know looking cool is very important to Heidi…)

And she drinks regular bottled water, just like the rest of us!


I'm really glad to see that Heidi's not letting her split from Seal or the cheating accusations or her bad accent affect her negatively. And in all seriousness, doesn't she seem like a really great mom? Keep it up, Heidi.


(Photos: PacificCoastNews.Com)